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מסך אינטרקום FERMAX 3305

מחיר המוצר: 1200 ש"ח

מק"ט: Ref 3305 fermax

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מסך אינטרקום לבניין משותף או לבית פרטית תוצרת חברת FERMAX דגם 3305

מסך  3.5 אינץ כולל שפורפרת לדיבור

מפרט טכני

Screen TFT 3.5

Resolution: 480 (H) x 234 (V) lines.

Terminal has a built-in magnet in the earpiece area that ensures the arm is well fitted and fixed to the base.

This prevents the arm falling off damaging the wall when hanging up and also avoids faults caused in the installation by being

badly hung.

Dimensions: 220x203x60 mm (height-width-depth):

Power supply: 18 Vdc

Door release and guard unit call button.

Auto-on button for main and secondary camera activation (sequentially).

Call volume control

Colour, brightness and contrast control.

On/off control

Door bell: for direct house call button connection to monitor/telephone.

Two selectable call tones.

With 2 pushbuttons for additional functions (without functions assigned).

Private communication. Conversation secrecy.


– in standby: 8 mA

– active: 400 mA

Weight: 0,86935 kg

Size of product when packed: 27,2×23,9×6,5 cm

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